What hidden treasures to discover during a trip to French Polynesia?

Quels trésors cachés découvrir lors d'un voyage en Polynésie française ?

The paradise islands of French Polynesia

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Discover the earthly paradise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean

French Polynesia is famous for its paradise islands, jewels scattered in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With crystal clear lagoons, white sand beaches and lush vegetation, this archipelago offers breathtaking landscapes. If you dream of a vacation marked by a change of scenery and relaxation, head to French Polynesia and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

Moorea – The pearl of the Pacific

Moorea, also known as the “sister island” of Tahiti, is one of the most popular destinations in French Polynesia. With its lagoon in shades of blue and its mountainous terrain, Moorea offers a striking contrast. You will have the chance to explore the natural beauty of the island by scuba diving, kayaking or hiking. Be sure to visit the tropical plant trail and the lookout point to admire the panoramic view of the island.

Bora Bora – A paradise on earth

Bora Bora is a name that instantly conjures up an image of a tropical paradise. With its overwater bungalows and turquoise waters, this island is a dream destination for lovers looking for privacy and comfort. Take advantage of water activities such as snorkelling, jet skiing or paddleboarding to discover the underwater riches of Bora Bora. Don’t forget to enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset in one of the island’s many starred restaurants.

Tahiti – The gateway to French Polynesia

Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, is often the first stop on a trip to this archipelago. Known for its unique blend of Polynesian culture and French influences, Tahiti offers a variety of exciting activities. Explore the market in Papeete, the capital, to taste local specialties and buy handcrafted souvenirs. Also head to the Paofai Gardens for a relaxing stroll, or visit the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands to learn more about Polynesian history and culture.

The Marquesas – Artist’s paradise

The Marquesas, an archipelago located in the northeast of French Polynesia, is a true paradise for lovers of art and culture. This region has inspired many famous artists such as Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel. Explore the islands of Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva to discover archaeological remains, stone sculptures and stunning landscapes. Meet the inhabitants of local villages and discover their traditional way of life, which has preserved its authenticity over the centuries.


By choosing to visit the paradise islands of French Polynesia, you are treating yourself to an unforgettable journey to the heart of a true earthly paradise. Whether you are looking for relaxing moments on the beach, adventures in the great outdoors or enriching cultural encounters, this archipelago has everything to meet your expectations. So, pack your bags and let yourself be transported to these magical islands where dream and reality blend harmoniously. French Polynesia is impatiently waiting to offer you a dream vacation.

Cultural immersion: a Polynesian richness in its own right

Cultural immersion: a Polynesian richness in its own right

Discover the treasures of Polynesia

Polynesia, with its paradise islands, fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, is a dream destination for many travelers. But beyond this idyllic setting, Polynesia also offers exceptional cultural wealth. Cultural immersion is therefore an essential aspect not to be neglected during a stay on these Pacific islands.

Traditional dance and music

Traditional Polynesian dance and music are deeply rooted in the culture of these islands. By soaking up the rhythmic music of the drums and the captivating melodies of the songs, you will discover the very soul of Polynesia. Attend a Tahitian dance show to admire the grace and elegance of the dancers who move to the sound of ukuleles and guitars. You can even try a few dance steps, under the guidance of the locals.

Local gastronomy

Polynesia is also renowned for its delicious and varied cuisine. Exotic flavors and fresh products are in the spotlight in Polynesian dishes. Taste the famous raw fish marinated in coconut milk, “raw fish with coconut milk”, or “ma’a tinito”, a traditional feast composed of chicken, pork, taro and exotic fruits. Meals are often accompanied by local drinks such as “maitai” or “coconut punch”, to be enjoyed in moderation of course!

Unforgettable cultural activities

Visiting historical sites

Polynesia is full of historical sites that reflect its rich and complex past. Among the must-sees, don’t miss the visit to the Taputapuatea marae in Raiatea, one of the most sacred sites in Polynesia, where religious and political ceremonies took place. You can also explore the remains of the mythical city of Mu, submerged under water and surrounded by fascinating legends.

Craft activities

Crafts occupy an important place in Polynesian culture. You can discover the art of pandanus and coconut palm weaving, wood carving, flower necklace making, traditional tattoo designs and many other craft techniques. Don’t leave Polynesia without a magnificent handcrafted piece as a souvenir.

Practical advice for a successful immersion

Learn a few words in Polynesian

Before you leave, take the time to learn some basic Polynesian words. The locals will appreciate your effort and this will facilitate exchanges with the population. “Hello” is “ia ora na”, “thank you” is “mauruuru” and “goodbye” is “nana”.

Participate in local festivals

Polynesia is renowned for its colorful festivals. Take advantage of your stay to take part in one of these festive events where dance, music and gastronomy are in the spotlight. The Heiva, which takes place every year in Tahiti, is one of the most important festivals in Polynesia.

In conclusion, cultural immersion in Polynesia is an enriching experience that allows you to discover the hidden treasures of these Pacific islands. Whether through dance, music, gastronomy or cultural activities, you will experience unique and unforgettable moments. So, pack your bags and fly to this one-of-a-kind cultural paradise.

Explore the seabed: fauna and flora of rare beauty

Explore the seabed: fauna and flora of rare beauty

Dive into a fascinating underwater world

What could be more captivating than exploring the seabed and discovering fauna and flora of rare beauty? Whether you are passionate about diving or simply curious to discover a little-known world, you will be amazed by the richness and diversity of species that evolve underwater.

A rich and varied life

The seabed is home to a multitude of marine species, each more astonishing than the last. Colorful fish with surprising shapes swim gracefully among the corals, while sea turtles move elegantly. You will also be able to observe majestic rays gliding before your amazed eyes. Underwater life offers a unique spectacle, where predators and prey intersect, creating a fragile and fascinating balance.

Exceptional flora

The seabed is not only inhabited by incredible fauna, but it is also home to flora of rare beauty. Corals, true marine jewels, offer a dazzling palette of colors. You will be able to admire hard corals and soft corals, each more astonishing than the last. Each dive is an opportunity to discover new plant species and marvel at the creativity of nature.

Unmissable diving destinations

To explore the seabed and benefit from this incredible biodiversity, many diving sites are open to you. The Maldives, Seychelles and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia are dream destinations for exploring. You can also dive in the crystal clear waters of Indonesia or French Polynesia. Whatever your destination, you will be amazed by the beauty of the seabed.

As you will have understood, exploring the seabed is a breathtaking experience. Whether you are already an experienced diver or want to learn this activity, you will be amazed by the diversity of underwater life. So put on your fins, adjust your mask and jump into the water to discover a fascinating world where the fauna and flora will surprise you with each dive. Prepare to experience unforgettable moments and marvel at the beauty of the seabed.

Culinary specialties: delights not to be missed

Culinary specialties: delights not to be missed

Culinary specialties: delights not to be missed

Discover the culinary specialties of a region is one of the most delicious pleasures during a trip. Whether you are a food lover or simply looking for new flavors, this article is made for you. We you let’s invite to explore the delights from different places around the world, and to treat yourself with authentic and tasty dishes.

French cuisine: a festival of flavors

France is renowned for its exceptional gastronomy. Of the culinary specialties French dishes such as coq au vin, bouillabaisse, ratatouille and cassoulet are dishes that transport you into an explosion of tastes and textures. Don’t miss tasting renowned French cheeses like Camembert, Roquefort and Comté. And of course, a trip to France wouldn’t be complete without tasting the delicious wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne.

Italian cuisine: a symphony of flavors

Italy is a must-visit destination for food lovers. Fresh pastas, crispy pizzas and creamy gelatos are some of the most loved Italian culinary specialties around the world. Whether you opt for a traditional lasagna, a Milanese risotto or a margherita pizza, you will be won over by the generosity of Italian flavors. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy a good espresso to complete your gastronomic experience.

Japanese cuisine: a palette of flavors from another dimension

Japanese cuisine is renowned for its freshness, simplicity and refinement. Sushi, sashimi and tempura are examples of delights culinary highlights not to be missed during a trip to Japan. Explore the different regional specialties such as ramen, okonomiyaki and takoyaki for a complete culinary experience. And for tea lovers, a matcha tasting in a traditional teahouse is a must.

Mexican cuisine: an explosion of spicy flavors

Mexican cuisine is a blend between indigenous flavors and Spanish influence. Tacos, enchiladas, burritos and guacamole are typical dishes that will take you on a journey to the heart of Mexican culture. Be sure to try the hot sauces, jalapeños and margaritas for an authentic dining experience. And of course, a good glass of tequila is essential to accompany your Mexican delicacies.

In conclusion, the culinary specialties are an essential aspect of discovering and exploring new cultures. Whether you choose to travel to France, Italy, Japan or Mexico, don’t miss out on tasting these delights gastronomic. Your taste buds will ask for more and you will keep memorable culinary memories of these places. So, prepare your appetite and set out to discover the wonders the world has to offer. Enjoy your food !

Discovering Polynesian legends and traditions